MAY 3, 1937 - JULY 2, 2004
Fred & Politics

"Fred, obviously I've had some discussions with him on the personal level, when he was in Iran he was very active politically, he believes that public service is really an integral part of living, and I think that transported itself to Canada. He has shown in many many ways, that he is not just active as a federal liberal, but he's also worked extensively in provincial campaigns, and even at the municipal level. He always attaches himself to a candidate who he believes in, who would bring to the office policy that would benefit the business sector. I know that (he may not have shared this with you) even in the US presidential elections, Fred has been involved. He's been at the president's inaugural balls, so he shares his political views not just at the provincial or federal levels. It's part of his being really, I think that Fred is a frustrated politician, and probably would like to run someday. I believe that his political philosophy is one that is very centrist (which is probably why he's attracted to the liberal party).

Having a discussion with the former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau
Fred with former P.M., Jean Chretien
Fred with former Toronto. Mayor, Barbara Hall
Fred with Senator Art Eggleton

Fred is not a person who would go for radical, right of center of the political spectrum or left of center. I think that since the Liberal Party in this century has been a centrist party attracted Fred to them. I would be the most surprised that in Canada Fred would ever decide to support a candidate from another political party. It's just not in his nature. I know that at the municipal level, where you don't always have party affiliation, he may have supported in the past people who have been traditionally known as conservative, but he's allowed that freedom, because at the municipal level, you don't tie yourself as much to the party as much as you would at the provincial level, or Federal level."

-- Hon. Douglas C. Frith, P.C.
Canadian Honours and Distinctions

This original Kasravi Coat of Arms was created by the Chief Herald of the Governor General's Office of Canada, and presented to Frederic (Fereydoun) Kasravi. The representations on this emblem show Fred's contributions through charity and other endeavours which have aided and assisted humanity. When asked to choose 5 mottos which would best describe him and his values, Fred selected these words: Politeness, Humility, Loyalty, Charity and Humor. These words are written in Persian (Farsi) under the shield.

The Governor General has given Mr. Kasravi permission to use this Coat of Arms on any personal or business correspondence or other appropriate uses, and it will stay with his family for all future generations to come.

Fred Kasravi is the first Canadian of Iranian origin to be recognized and honoured in this way by the Governor General.

New Chair Appointed to the Canadian Museum of Nature
Ontabia Corporation

Fred Kasravi, Chairman of the Ontabia Business Development Corporation

Business Development Corporation, identifies and facilitates trading opportunities for various goods and services between Canada, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. This includes engaging in the placement of major financial investments, originating from the Middle East, Europe and the United States. In other words, Fred is very much a part of the Global Community, and you can be sure he is putting something back into it.

And if you ever get a chance to ask Fred how he is, the answer will definitely be:

"Never Better!"
International Honours and Distinctions
US Honours and Distinctions
Member of The Honor Legion of The New York City Police Department
British Honours and Distinctions
The Grand Cross of The Order of The Teutonic of Levant (G.C.T.L.) (The oldest military establishment in Britain)
French Honours and Distinctions
Recipient of the Order of St. George, Grand Officer of France
Japanese Honours and Distinctions
Medal of the Order of Merit Awarded by the President of the Japanese Government, President Nippon Suinan Kyusaitkkai
Portuguese Honours and Distinctions
Instituto of Socorros Naufragos
Previously Held Offices & Memberships

Board of Directors, Olympic Bid 2008 Committee

Sub-Committees: Finance, International Relations, Volunteers

Board of Directors, Jerusalem Foundation

Board of Directors, Canadian Stage Company

Chairman--Advisory Council, Christian Children's Fund of Canada, and Global Relief Fund Inc.

Board of Directors, Ontario Place

Member and Master of Ceremonies, Woodgreen Community Foundation

President, Friends of H.M.C.S. Haida

Board of Trustees, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Board of Directors, Kidney Foundation of Canada

President's Council, Canadian Opera Company

Board of Directors, Real Data Ontario (RDO)

The Founders Club of Canada (Membership Chairman)

University Club

Variety Club

Recipient of the 1991 Citation for Citizenship Award from the Canadian Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship (one of 25 awarded in Canada).