MAY 3, 1937 - JULY 2, 2004
Royal Roads University

In 2003, Fred was granted an Honorary Doctorate of Law from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia for his tireless efforts as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, volunteer, and for his business and political accomplishments.

"the biggest deal of my life."
- Fred Kasravi
Fred in front of Royal Roads Univercity
One of the Top Life Insurance Salesman

Most of Fred's new wealth came from Fred's career as a life insurance broker. With absolutely no comprehension ofnsurance, and certainly having little knowledge of it from his life in Iran where it is virtually non-existent, he again applied his tenacity. Working long hours and encouraging his fellow insurance brokers to share his commission in exchange for their wealth of experience and on the job training. The CBC network researched and found that an interview with Fred as the super salesman of the year was very worthy of air time. Fred achieved super salesman status numerous times. Just another well deserved recognition. He surpassed his co-workers and became a life member of the insurance industries Million-Dollar Round Table, and Top of the Table, the most prestigious recognition awarded internationally in the business.

He was top salesman in the world for Sun Life, North American Life, Confederation Life, Imperial Life, and ITT Hartford Insurance Company, and still maintains a continuous status of top insurance sales producer in Canada. His achievements have been published in many newspapers and magazines, including the 1982, November 22 feature on Fred in the Toronto Star.

Fred with M.P. Judy Sgro and former P.M, Paul Martin
Fred with former P.M., Pierre Trudeau
Fred with former P.M., John Turner
Liberal Party of Canada Supporter

Fred has been a long time supporter of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada. His connection with politics started when he was a boy, listening to his father discussing issues with friends at the dinner table. His help in fundraising assisted the liberal party's climb back to the top after the mid 80's.

Here is what Hon. Douglas C. Frith, P.C. has to say about Fred:

"I first met Fred Kasravi back in 1980, the year I entered federal politics, and even then Fred was actively involved at the fund raising level for the Federal Liberal Party . And then over the years, obviously even though I began as a federal politician, you never just play as a liberal federal, you get involved in provincial campaigns and in Toronto unlike a lot of other cities, the party label also attaches itself at the municipal level. So that really began a long friendship with Fred over 17 years.

We met several times in Ottawa, and sometimes I'd come and visit him here in Toronto. He was very actively involved in the policy conferences of the liberal party in the early eighties. He was very true to the party, even when we went through that massive defeat in 1984, and the federal party was faced with roughly 6 million dollars in debt, we only had 40 members of parliament, and we had to rebuild the party from the grassroots up.

This involved thousands of liberals across the country, but from the perspective of the fund raising Fred was known as the extremely good fund raiser, whether at the political level or charity work. So he was very actively involved as we rebuilt the party from 84 to 93, and he's obviously still active to date. He was very generous in terms of his time, and very generous in terms of using his contacts for fund raising for the party."

Charity Fundraiser
Throwing the opening pitch at Sky Dome

"Fred's been involved with Christian Children's Fund and the Global Relief fund and the two are part of the same charity, for the past five years, and he served as chairman of our corporate advisory board. Probably the big thing that Fred has contributed to the organization is that he brought in CCFC's largest corporate grant of $100,000 and that was no easy feat to pull off but he did it. Fred is a man that sort of gets behind what we do, and gets other corporations involved, and other sort of high placed individuals."

-- Marry Lynne Stewart
Director of Development, CCFC

Always wanting to give back to the community, Fred became committed, working front line and behind the scenes with numerous charities and foundations. He generously donated his time and used his numerous contacts for fund raising, to help out his favorite charities.

"He's been very active in the Children's Fund, he's been very active in the Kidney Foundation, and he enjoys life. With this fellow, that's how he's been so successful in the business, it's because he networks so extensively that by virtue of the network, it becomes like a second nature to him."

Hon. Douglas C. Frith, P.C.
Saving the HMCS Haida
In front of the HMCC Haida

During his service as a director of Ontario Place, from 1987 to 1993, Fred discovered that the destruction of HMCS Haida was imminent. So he followed his motto "Set goals and do them," and did it. He founded the Friends of HMCS Haida, and as Chairman, guided his crew to a successful fundraising which saved this museum of Canadian maritime heritage. Today, young and old alike can tour HMCS Haida in its location at Ontario Place, to learn of the heroic ventures the ship encountered.

Community Supporter

As a friend of Fred's, you have eternal support. This was proven when his good friend John Fisher, who was known as Mr. Canada passed away. Fred made sure Mr. Fisher's story was published so the public and the media would be aware of his contributions. His style of brotherhood carries over to his recreational life. Thus the busy downtown Fitness Institute in Toronto selected Fred as Mr. Congeniality of the year.

Fred loves to laugh. He recognizes that the proverb "Laughter is the best medicine" is very real. Ask Fred for a simple cure and he will say: "Go ahead and laugh, laugh my friend, it is good for you!"

It would be difficult to list the many community services Fred has engaged in, from the Royal Ontario Museum, where he was director for three years, to being on the board of directors of the Canadian Stage Company, and pitching the first ball at a Blue Jays game in honour of the Christian Children's Fund of Canada.

Fred with Johnny Lombardi
Ann Rohmer getting Fred to do push ups
Fred with Marty Galin
The Iranian Program to Canada

After the revolution in Iran, Fred assisted many Iranian youth in establishing themselves in Canada and to find work. This often included financing their startup. To help his fellow Iranians, Fred lobbied government again, to approve the Iranian Program to Canada, in which he succeeded

Devoted Supporter of the Kidney Foundation

Early on, Fred Kasravi was challenged by a mission to save the life of his wife. Kidney disease struck his bride weeks after the marriage, and Fred was given the prognosis that there was no hope. Since he is a man who cannot accept no for an answer, Fred ventured the world, spending the fortune he had acquired through his astute business development looking for a treatment and cure. Canada offered the cure for which he was looking for.

Ever since, Fred became seriously involved with the Kidney Foundation of Canada, serving as President from 1981 to 1986. His support for Kidney research does not stop in Canada. Fred has been honoured by numerous countries including Japan, France, and Portugal for his distinguished fund raising in support of kidney disease research.

Real Data/Teranet

Fred on the board of directors of Real Data Ontario (later Teranet). In the early 80's, Fred helped put together a company that today is worth hundreds of millions, and which made history by bridging the government and the private sector. Fred individually hand picked the members of the team that would succeed in winning the bid for the government contract.

The existence of Teranet, an innovative land information system and surveying company that is worth millions today, owes Fred a big thank you, for the five years of his career he contributed by fostering ongoing communication for the perfect relationship between the government and the private sector. And for locating a sizeable amount of money to keep the project moving towards success.

Fred considers this to be one of his major accomplishments since coming to Canada.